These Crochet Patterns Went Viral! Have You Made One?

Crocheters everywhere love a good viral pattern. And they have every reason to! A viral pattern means that it’s been tested for errors. We know how the pattern will look when completed because so many have tried it. And we know that it will be fun! Take a look at some of the most viral crochet patterns that have come out in recent memory, and add up how many you have made yourself! 

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1). The Puff Stitch Hat
An adorable hat made with an adorable stitch? We love it, and everyone else in the crochet world loved it too! This hat was a sensation in bold and bright colors, and almost ALWAYS topped with a large pom pom. Get the pattern for this Cupcake Puff Stitch Hat here.


2). Call the Midwife Blanket
This beautifully detailed afghan was inspired by the lovely crocheted baby blanket found in BBC’s Call The Midwife TV show, and it seemed like EVERYONE made it all at once! Featuring a beautiful mosaic look in filet crochet this blanket was a hit in every color , ready to snuggle babies everywhere.  Get the pattern for the Call the Midwife Blanket here.

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3). The Double Layered Braided Cowl
When Crochet Dreamz released her Double Braided Cowl, the crochet world went crazy. It was all we talked about for weeks, with beginners and experienced crocheters alike making this pattern! It was fairly easy, and the result looks stunning. We were all hooked.Get the Double Layered Braided Cowl pattern here.


4). Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves
These gloves are gorgeous, and the yarn used is stunning. No wonder this design went viral! The challenge of crocodile stitches meant that many crocheters learned a new technique, and experienced crocheters were entertained by an intermediate design. Did you make a pair? Get the Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves pattern here.


5). The Virus Shawl
The Virus Shawl and the Virus Blanket were THE things to make for crocheters at one point in our history. People were obsessed with making them in gradient yarns and bold colors to share them in their favorite social media groups. And we loved them! Get the Virus Shawl pattern here.


6). The Messy Bun Hat
It all started with a photo of a pretty young lady in a beautiful hat.
If you didn’t make a Messy Bun hat this holiday season, then you were a minority in the crochet world. This was the hot gift for Christmas, and crocheters everywhere were scrambling to deliver them to eager customers, family, and friends. Get the Messy Bun Hat pattern here.


7). The Knee High Socks
Originally a knitting pattern, crocheters everywhere scrambled to find a pattern matching the infamous sock photo. When the pattern was delivered, we were delighted with project post after project post of these colorful knee high socks! Get the Free Spirit Knee High Sock pattern here.


8). The Jellyfish
Have you made an amigurumi before? If you have, chances are it was one of these adorable Jellyfish! The pattern for these adorable creatures became available for free, and crocheters jumped all over it. The perfect way to use up your scrap yarn, and make someone smile. The perfect pattern for craft fairs. If you haven’t made one of these Jellyfish, you will want to now. Get the Jellyfish pattern here. 


9). The Elephant Rug
Ira Rott Crochet releases completely adorable patterns. But one pattern in particular was all the rage in the crochet world recently. The Elephant Rug. Challenging, cute, and beautiful all at the same time, this pattern became the go to baby gift, and had crocheters working hard to finish this large project! Get the Elephant Rug pattern here.


10). The Bulky and Quick Mermaid Tail
The Christmas gift for girls and adults everywhere, when MJ’s Off the Hook Designs released her mermaid tail, crocheters couldn’t make them fast enough! And it was no wonder, the blankets were completely beautiful, functional, and fairly easy to make! Crocheters made dreams come true with these lovely fins. Get the Bulky and Quick Mermaid Tail pattern here.


11). The Aura Pullover
When Heidi May releases a new pattern, crocheters go ga-ga. Is it because her patterns are so wonderful? Yes! Is it also because her adorable daughter is so cute, that we have to make the pattern right away to capture that cuteness? Also yes! The Azel Pullover pattern had us all making cozy pullovers in comfy wools and natural color palets. Get the Aura Pullover pattern here. 



Let us know in the comments how many of these 11 Viral patterns you have made, or if you think there are any we’ve missed on our list! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Crocheting!
~Cocoa ❤


5 thoughts on “These Crochet Patterns Went Viral! Have You Made One?

  1. sandra says:

    I made the virus shawl as a Christmas present for my mum , she loves it and I enjoyed making it so much I want to make one for myself!
    I also made the puffy stitch hat, again I really enjoyed making it .I tried a very small version to begin with, which I tried on a doll and my friend’s child whose doll it was loved it so much I made one for,her too, then one of her friends wanted one fir herself adult size and ask if I would mind making some for the baby unit where she works! I made a few , they are all happy with the hats!


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