Happy Crochet Hooks Product Review

If you are anything like me, when you learned to crochet, you were immediately hooked! Crocheting is quite addicting and finishing a product is so rewarding. But I had to be careful of crocheting TOO much or I would feel it the next day.

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I tried out different brands of hooks to see if that would help. With a traditional hook, the grip is quite small, and over time, can put pressure on your fingers, wrist, elbow, and even your back.

A few hooks made a BIG difference! I’ll never go back to a plain hook. I love my Clovers and I also love clay handled hooks.  The thicker polymer clay handled hooks were much easier for me to hold and helped me relax my grip. My favorite hook company is Happy Hooks! Just look at some of their beautiful work:



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Each hook is handmade to order from one of the three professional hook designers. There are plenty of floral, geometrical, abstract, and playful designs in all the colors of the rainbow. Each of these beautiful hooks allows your hands to be more comfortable while crocheting AND since the designs are so gorgeous, you will automatically take your needed breaks to admire the craftsmanship of your hook. Each design is truly breathtaking. The clay is silky smooth in your hand.

Happy Crochet Hooks come in a wide range of sizes, from B (2.25mm) to N (10.0mm). The clay handle is great on all hook sizes, but it is especially helpful when using smaller hooks.

Happy Crochet Hooks also come in two handle lengths. A long handle will cover most (if not all) of the sizing information and so usually the designer will stamp or carve the hook letter size into the bottom. I personally prefer the long handles most of the time.


I use both Boye and Bates hooks these days and, to begin with, Boye hooks are longer than Bates. The thumb rest is also lower on the hook. With a standard handle on a Boye hook, I barely touch the clay. I like my thumb to grip the clay. I feel differently about Bates hooks. I usually order the long handled hooks but I like to have a standard handle Bates hook on hand as well. This is because anytime I am working a stitch where I need more loops on my hook such as a dc3tog (double crochet 3 together) or a tunisian stitch, there is not enough space on the exposed hook for all of the loops. I recommend trying out each style to see what is your preference. The yarn that I am using or the pattern that I am making both play a big factor in my hook choice as well.

Another thing to consider is the way you hold your hook. The knife hold and the pencil hold are the two traditional ways of hook-holding and may affect which hook and handle you choose. I am writing this review from the perspective of a knife-hold crocheter. I grip my hook higher on the shaft than a pencil-holder might.

Each Happy Hook retails for approximately  $25 and there are rotating Daily Deals during the work week.

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Happy Crocheting!



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