Pattern Testing Checklist

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Pattern testing is a unique opportunity in the crochet world to interact with pattern designers, learn the tricks of the trade, strengthen your crochet skills, and learn pattern writing techniques. Crochet pattern designers depend on testers to help them proof their patterns before publication. They need to know if their design instructions make sense to someone else. They need an extra set of eyes to double check for any errors. After a designer has edited and edited and stared at their computer screen for hours, people still overlook mistakes. Always (not just in crochet!) have someone else proof your work!

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Sometimes the payment for testing a pattern is the final edited copy of the pattern. Sometimes, in addition to the pattern, a designer will gift you another pattern from their shop. Sometimes, designers pay in gift cards, yarn, or money. Whatever the reimbursement, each pattern test that you complete helps to further your crochet knowledge, expertise, and experience. If you have the time, pattern testing is a great experience.

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As a pattern tester, make sure that you are reliable, honest (no pattern sharing!), and return your notes in the allotted time. Designers depend on your feedback before they can publish a pattern. But, if you’ve never tested a pattern before, what should you look for? Download a copy of our Pattern Testing Checklist and you’ll be in great shape to begin testing.

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9 thoughts on “Pattern Testing Checklist

  1. Sybil Leigh says:

    I have over 60 years crochet experience and won many awards at local shows for projects displayed from this hobby.
    Professionally I investigated accidents and prepared complex reports following analysis of evidence.
    I would love to combine both of these skills and to become a pattern tester for any designer.
    Please contact me on facebook Sybil Leigh

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  2. crochetshay says:

    Thanks for the checklist! I’d love to get into the world of testing for others. I’ve started writing some little patterns and that is no joke! Definitely very challenging and I have much respect for designers. I find it much easier to find others pattern mistakes than my own, in any form of writing. I think the experience would be awesome and I’d learn so much! Thanks again for this post.

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