Happy Crochet Hooks Wooden Hook Review!

One of my favorite shops, The Happy Crochet Hooks Shop has a brand new line of hooks, and I am absolutely, positively head over heels! Happy Crochet Hook’s new line of wooden handled hooks are a dream come true, and here’s why…Take a look at this beauty. Isn’t it wonderful? The  wooden handle is one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever crocheted with.

The hook itself is lightweight and extremely smooth. It’s like crocheting with a magic wand that allows me to crochet for longer because my hand is in such a comfortable position.

And did you notice the stunning colors? This hook is called ‘Sandrock Mountain’. The colors remind me of a dreamy mountain getaway.

I ordered my hook in a 4mm, but I can’t wait to order more in a variety of sizes!

Here’s the great news! You can try this hook, or any of the hooks in the Happy Crochet Hooks Shop and take 20% off your order –> The Happy Crochet Hooks Shop

~Cocoa ❤



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